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Misaki Contact Lens Review

Misaki Contacts Lens Review

So I stumbled across these lenses on Instagram.  I am always on the hunt for the next best contacts.

My current favorites are Solotica followed very closely by Desio.

I wasn’t sure what lenses to buy off the site https://misakicon.com so I just looked through their instagram page, which had a good amount of real people using their products.  https://www.instagram.com/misaki_cosmetics/

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Silisponge VS Condom Applicator

What will they come out with next…

One thing about being a YouTuber that keeps things interesting is all the other YouTubers/bloggers coming up with the craziest things!

This was right up there… As always, I wanted to see for myself if it actually works.

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Health and Fitness

The GM Diet Days 1-3 (Round 1)

So this was the very first time a had given the GM Diet a go.

I am always very sceptical of trying diets, especially those that are only 7 days long.

I was very surprised by my results and the way I felt.

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Who am I? A Short Life Story

In all honesty, this will probably turn into a “Draw My Life” YouTube video but for now…

The ‘About’ page isn’t really for rambling so I decided to create this post to give a more thorough overview of who I am. I find it hard following some big bloggers/youtubers/public figures not knowing where they started, anything about them or who they even are apart from their media content. I want to be open and honest from the beginning.

The Beginning…

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