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Misaki Contact Lens Review

Misaki Contacts Lens Review

So I stumbled across these lenses on Instagram.  I am always on the hunt for the next best contacts.

My current favorites are Solotica followed very closely by Desio.

I wasn’t sure what lenses to buy off the site so I just looked through their instagram page, which had a good amount of real people using their products.

I ended up choosing the pro series in Gray

If you want to watch my video review, I have linked it below otherwise, read on for my write up.



I paid $32 USD for these lenses and they last 30 days of wear.

Straight away I was impressed with the look of them though they reminded me of Desio  contacts.

The blend on the eye is like paint strokes which I quite like. They felt really comfortable on the eyes though I did end up taking them out after 5 hours (not mentioned in video)

I think I need to try some of the other contacts this company provides. For the price point and the length of time they last, it is a little steep on comparison to other companies.

All in all, I did like these lenses (Loved them) and wasn’t expecting them to look so pretty! They will be great for tutorials.




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