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The GM Diet Days 1-3 (Round 1)

So this was the very first time a had given the GM Diet a go.

I am always very sceptical of trying diets, especially those that are only 7 days long.

I was very surprised by my results and the way I felt.

This is one of my first YouTube videos, it is quite old BUT the results and the experience was very real for my first time trying the diet.

The website I followed has been updated many times since I first tried this however, I was very clear in the videos about what I ate… If I didn’t mention it, I didn’t eat it.

I have listed my videos below so you can see how I went along the 7 days. It was a while ago so I can’t give you updates in writing.

The website used was .

I have added some updates since doing this diet below.






Since I completed this diet I have gained A LOT of weight. This was due to an awful diet and really up and down pregnancy which happened in the same year.

This 7 day diet was done in March 2014 and I found out I was pregnant in May 2014 (I would have literally got pregnant maybe a week or 2 after I finished this diet)

I have completed this diet since giving birth which also gave me results and I will load these on a separate blog post (It is available on my YouTube channel)

I am now pregnant again! So am not in a position to do anything drastic with my weight. I do look forward to really putting a focus on weight loss and getting fit again and hope you will appreciate my documenting that journey. I think it is a lot more helpful to see how someone can go from the size in the above videos, to gaining weight (15 kg’s) during pregnancy to hopefully losing it again.

Leave any questions you may have in the comments.




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