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Silisponge VS Condom Applicator

What will they come out with next…

One thing about being a YouTuber that keeps things interesting is all the other YouTubers/bloggers coming up with the craziest things!

This was right up there… As always, I wanted to see for myself if it actually works.

How could something like a silicone sponge not have been a thing before now if it was “so good” at applying makeup? There are so many companies out there spending huge amounts of money researching and testing new makeup and accessories to keep companies improving on products and techniques. A condom? you have got to be kidding me!

Want to see my thoughts on it? Watch the video or read on below.

Condom Applicator

Firstly I started with the condom because that was most intriguing to me. Except for the fact it was totally gross and slightly embarrassing to do this on camera, it smelled and just seemed like the biggest load of rubbish so I wanted to test this first.


  1. Wash lubricant off the condom
  2. place a makeup sponge tip down into the tip of the condom
  3. Tie a knot into the the condom just after the sponge to secure it
  4. cut off excess condom

from here you have the final applicator ready to put on your flawless makeup.

I took my Kat Von D Lock-It foundation (Very thick) just to put this to the test. As usual, I moisturized my face and used 2 pumps of the foundation on the back of my hand.

I then took some of the product onto the “applicator” and started to press this into my skin. What a rank experience! It sounded inappropriate and was just not something I want to hear whilst putting on my make up. It also smelled gross (as you can imagine) we don’t put odd smelling makeup on our face so why this condom idea went viral, I have no idea!


Anyway rather than rambling on, I have listed all of the issues with this technique. There literally ZERO positive things to say about it.

  1. Sounds gross
  2. Smells
  3. Fells horrible
  4. Foundations was cakey
  5. Unable to blend foundation
  6. wasted my foundation


This method was not much better. Seriously, don’t waste your money. There is no way you would use this over a regular beauty sponge, brushes or even your fingers.

It did work a lot better than the condom but it was still not that great and really over-hyped. I will not be using this again for makeup.

I hope you enjoyed this video and post!






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